Lucky Leaf

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Several years ago, I remember being out on a walk with my daughter.  She was still small, and her little legs were a blur as she tried to keep up with my longer legs.  We clasped hands, swinging them forward and backward in time with our steps.  It was a splendid day—a “Blue Skies” fall day, the sun’s warmth still bright, with a slight tinge of chill to come in the air.  The wind blew the leaves all around us and swirled them around our feet in tiny tornadoes.  We felt them falling on our heads and shoulders and crackling in our hair.

“Look, Mom!  Watch me!  Grab a Lucky Leaf!”  She dropped my hand and stretched her arms toward the sky at a leaf that was riding the wind.  Just as she almost caught it, it shifted suddenly to the right out of her grasp.  “Missed it!” she cried.  She tried again, but the same thing happened—the leaf she reached for dodged her hand.

“What are you doing, honey?” I asked her curiously.

“It’s good luck to catch a leaf when it falls in the air!” she answered, jumping for another one.  “You try to get one!”

So, I saw a possible target and reached for it.  It, too, danced just out of my reach.  I tried again and again.

“Got one!” crowed my daughter.

“Hey, good job!” I said, laughing.  “Boy, that’s a lot harder than I thought it would be.”

“That’s why it’s a Lucky Leaf.  You have to catch it before it can get away.”  She put the leaf in her pocket, and we continued out walk.  We shuffled through several leaf piles, kicking them gently aside.

I recalled the “Lucky Leaf” game today while I was out walking my dog.  Once again, it was a gorgeous fall day and leaves were falling gently on the ground.  I looked up just in time to see a leaf flying straight toward me.  I reached out and grabbed it, and instinctively, I said “Yes!”  I was so pleased to have caught it, and with little or no effort on my part.  I put it in my pocket, my mind suddenly thoughtful.

How often do we walk through our lives jumping, reaching, striving for the “leaves” we think we want?  That’s what we’re supposed to do, right?  Go after the things we want, putting our whole selves into it?  Demanding the blessings we think we deserve, without seeing the ones that might be flying right at our faces?  Kicking the blessings that litter the ground around us out of the way scornfully, because they weren’t the ones we wanted?

I always go back to the story of Jacob grasping the angel in hand-to-hand combat, begging to blessed, fighting for God’s favor (Genesis 32:22-32).  Perhaps we should stop our mad jumping after the “leaves of blessings,” and end our pointless battles to impress God and make Him listen to us.  Instead, let us simply pause and watch for the Lucky Leaves that are there just waiting to be plucked out of the air…Lucky Leaves like:

  • Enjoying a beautiful fall afternoon with a child

  • Sipping a really, really good cup of coffee

  • Feeling the steady breath of the dog lying on your feet, or the cat warming your lap

  • That hug that you needed from the friend who knew you needed it

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  1. My lucky leaf experience today was to have a special visit with my parents outside. My brother and I usually take Mother and Dad on a ride in the country on a Mon. or Tuesday. This week he wasn’t able to come until Friday when we take Mother to visit her sister in Cornwall. So I went alone and took them out for a walk. We just went around the block and then sat outside on the property for a nice visit among the beautiful trees and colored leaves. Mother picked one yellow leaf up and called it just perfect.(She took it back to their room to keep.) Dad sang a “love song” to mother out under the tree. How wonderful to enjoy this beautiful weather and lucky leaves of perfect love. A great time I will remember for a long time.